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Getting married is a joyous, exciting, and anticipated event! Many couples put hours into dreaming, planning, and preparing for the big day. Sometimes every detail is thought of and accounted for. While some engaged couples literally put hundreds of hours into preparing for their wedding day, most will put a fraction of that into preparing for the marriage itself.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and sacred undertakings a person can commit to and studies show that those who do some form of marital preparation are more successful then those who don’t. Premarital counselling is a practical mix of marriage education, coaching and counselling. It is an investment into the "happy ever after," preparing engaged couples to maximize the joys of marriage and solve the common challenges that all marriages will eventually face. Integrating the best from marriage research and counselling we custom fit the course to each couple (since every couple is unique and has different needs). Usually I offer two options:

1. Five 2 hour sessions (with one free session after you get married).
2. Eight 2 hour sessions (with one free session after you get married).


Together with your counsellor you will talk about what your relationship interests are and what topics you would like to learn more on. This allows us to focus most on the topics you want to cover and avoid the ones you don’t. Some choices include:

1. Effective Communication
2. Sexual Intimacy & Connection
3. Managing Finances
4. Conflict, Negotiation, and Solution Finding
5. In Laws: Creating Healthy Boundaries
6. Spiritual Intimacy and Connection
7. Dreams and Planning For the Future
8. Appreciating Differences
9. Roles and Expectations
10. Choosing To Love (love languages, choice, emotional needs)
11. Managing Anger
12. Wedding and Honeymoon Preparation
13. Forgiving, Healing, and Closure

Investing some of your time and money educating yourself for marriage will pay huge dividends, saving you from making many mistakes and giving you an increased sense of confidence as you embark on the adventure of marriage. We hope this is helpful to you and if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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