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Sometimes a crisis erupts and a couple is left hanging by tooth and nail. That’s no way to survive for long. One approach that many couples have found helpful is intensive therapy intervention during a 3 day period.

If you are faced with a scenario that could break your marriage, contact Gerry Goertzen to schedule your intake session.

This emergency “intensive” serves the needs of couples who are struggling through the aftermath of various crisis, such as: an affair, sexual addiction, traumatic loss, victim of crime and/or abuse, etc.

Gerry is well equiped to address your needs. With 25 years in this profession, a Masters degree in counselling/psychology, plus life experiences that lend to understanding recovery from marital problems, he will address the impact of your crisis, examine the “relational system” in which it took place, and provide solutions for a long-lasting relationship.

As a couple you will experience his undivided attention for 3 days while learning skills and setting goals that will enable you to be among the many clients that have successfully remained in their marriage.

You won’t just return to being who you were in the “good old days”. Your marriage will have a chance at being reinvented.

This intensive includes:

  • The initial intake procedure.
  • An individual counselling session for each of you, each day.
  • Two counselling sessions as a couple each day.
  • Assignments and exercises to work on during your own time, and as a couple. During the “out of session” times, you will be given tools that will help you rediscover some lost elements and inject new ones to grow a satisfying relationship. These tools will be tailored to your specific needs, and may include questionnaires, reading, walk-abouts, relaxing and fun activities, etc.

    Price for three days: $1700 Includes roughly 18 hours of session, a copy of my book "Relational Tri-Umph", plus other resources. This is a savings of over $200 compared to individual sessions.

    Price for two days: $1,175

    Price for one day: $625

Follow up is available by person-to person or telephone counselling
Here is a more detailed overview of the schedule and some of the issues that can be explored:

Potential Schedule for 3 Day Intensive:

Day One: 1:30 Couple Session (1 hr)
  3:00 Session with individual (1hr)
  4:30 Session with individual (1hr)
  6:00 Break for supper
  7:30 Couple Session (2hrs)
Day Two: 9:30 Couple Session (1 hr)
  11:00 Individual Session (1hr)
  12:00 Break for lunch
  1:30 Individual Session (1 hr)
  3:00 Couple Session (2hrs)
Day Three: 9:30 Couple Session (1 hr)
  11:00 Individual Session (1hr)
  12:00 Break for lunch
  1:30 Individual Session (1 hr)
  3:00 Couple Session (2hrs)

This schedule may be altered to facilitate your specific needs, but it serves a template from which we will begin.

Potential Issues to Explore:

Effective Communication
........- Decision making process
........- Leadership in the home
........- Finances and other stressors

Marital Fidelity
....... - Porn activity or addiction
........- Emotional and/or physical affair
........- Loss of interest and passion

Couple, Family & Parenting Needs
........- Philosophy of parenting
........- Conflict Resolution
........- Disciplines
........- Establishing healthy boundaries

Conflict, Abuse and Abandonment
- Having a fair fight
........- Emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse
........- Sexual mistreatment or marital rape
........- Emotional or physical neglect

Extended Family Issues
........- In-laws on both sides
........- Family history and genogram

Grief and Loss
........- Death of a loved one
........- Employment issues or loss
........- Failures and mishaps

These, and other issues related to stress and crisis in your marriage can be explored. Gerry will apply his every effort to help you resolve the problems and regain your footing for a lasting relationship.




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