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Relational Triumph

Relational Triumph by Gerry M. Goertzen

Book Intro



Chapter 1: Struck by Stress

Part One
Understanding the Drama in Our Relationships
Chapter 2: Our Most Important Needs
Chapter 3: Three Stress Roles
Chapter 4: Codependency
Chapter 5: Shame and Abuse

Part Two
Resolving Our Relational Tragedy
Chapter 6: The Observer
Chapter 7: The Strategist
Chapter 8: The Implementer
Chapter 9: Boundaries and Interdependency
Chapter 10: Emotional Energy
Chapter 11: Looking It Over
Chapter 12: Continuum of Stress Roles
Part Three
Reinventing Our People Theater
Chapter 13: Above and Beyond
Chapter 14: God verses God

Appendix A: The Role of Forgiveness in Your Life
Appendix B: Discovering Your Ideal Self
Appendix C: Ten Basics for Effective Communication
Appendix D: Preparing for Confrontation and Reconciliation
Appendix E: Reconciliation Tools for Lingering Issues of the Past

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Relational Triumph

Radio Interview of author Gerry Goertzen on "Author Talk " by AuthorHouse Book Publishing Company. Click here to open MP3 file


Radio Interview of author Gerry Goertzen on the syndicated talk show "Dresser After Dark" with Michael Ray Dresser. Click here to open MP3 file

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