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Out Patient: Stage II Addiction Recovery

Benefits include:

  • This program will be tailored according to your personal needs for healing and change.
  • You can continue working at your job and attending to family. Our program does not alter your entire life during recovery.
  • We work with you to correct what needs to be while keeping the rest intact.
  • Our program is reasonably priced at $3,000. The first 30 sessions will take roughtly 2 - 3 months to complete. This includes all necessary print material including handouts, assessment procedures and books to read.

Application Requirements:

  1. Abstinent from the addiction(s) for 2 weeks prior to beginning the program.
    That is Stage I of recovery.
  2. Attend an intake session prior to enrollment.
  3. Have or build a support circle with family or friends who will encourage you throughout this process.
  4. Agreement to fulfill the requirements of Stage II Recovery as explained below.
  5. Payment of $1,000 in advance. The remainder to be paid in 2 monthly instalments.


  1. Complete the application process, including an intake interview plus any assessments determined at the time (ie. medical checkup).
  2. Remain clean and sober for the entire duration. (2 weeks of Stage I detox prior to beginning, plus 6 to 8 weeks throughout the Stage II program.)
  3. Attend counselling sessions, 4 to 5 days a week for 6 to 8 weeks for a total of 30 sessions.
  4. Participate in drug testing and urine analysis as seen necessary by your counsellor (additional expense).
  5. Some sessions will include invited guests from your support circle, such as spouse, children, other family members or friends.
  6. Attend weekly group meetings. (Ie. The Harbour, AA, SA, GA, etc)
  7. Complete all assessments and assignments agreed upon with your counsellor. (This will include choosing boundaries, reading, writing, art/music projects, etc.)
  8. Workbooks and reading material will be provided.
  9. May include several sessions with our Life Coach for purposes of planning job/career path.
  10. After care is available (additional fees)

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