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Life is complex, and so are people. Our job is to move through the layers, getting to the story within the stories and understand the meaning of the presenting problem in the context of these deeper matters. You need to be heard and accepted at the deepest levels so that together we are able to find ways to address the elements that matter. This is what helps move through to the other side so that health and purpose can flourish. Gerry Goertzen


Searching for help when life becomes difficult can be overwhelming and add to the stress. There is a tremendous value in receiving help, but getting the right kind is crucial. For that reason, we offer counselling, coaching and workshops here in Manitoba.

The essence of Counselling/Therapy is to help resolve underlying issues of the past and present. When a person experiences healing from the aches and hardships of life, they are more prepared to forge ahead with renewed hope and ambition. If you want to address unresolved hurts, root causes of emotional/relational burdens or perhaps a clinical disorder, counselling is a place to start. Your counsellor will help develop a healing plan, offer clarity and give you tools for the journey. Your mental and relational health is worth the investment. Counselling is process oriented.

The essence of Life Coaching is to help with planning for the future, setting goals and attaining success by implementing the plan. If you want to focus on personal development, create an action plan and learn new skills for effective living, seeing a life coach is a great place to start. Your future development is waiting for you to act. Coaching is result oriented.

The staff at Riverbend Counselling & Wellness will assist you in the best way possible

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Phone: 204-334-4801 Fax: 204-338-9180 Email: contact@riverbendcounselling.ca
9 - 1110 Henderson Hwy Winnipeg, MB.  R2G 1L1

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